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Why NFC? (Honest Question)

Over the last few years, I’ve argued that NFC will not catch on as a payment system anytime in the near future. Further, if it does catch on, it will not revolutionize the purchase process in any significant way.

I have yet to see any traction in the space, aside from the raising voices of technology and advertising pundits and product managers. The Google Wallet terminals at Duane Reade and inside cabs go unused, both in New York and San Francisco. Not once have I seen them employed.

But on Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter people continually express disappointment that the iPhone 5 snubbed the tech.

I”m confused; hopefully you can help me out. If you’re anxiously awaiting NFC in your phone, or disappointed the iPhone launched sans-NFC, why are you excited for the technology? How do you see yourself using NFC? What behaviors in your life would NFC change or improve?