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With both Cassini’s wide-angle and narrow-angle cameras aimed at Saturn, Cassini was able to capture 323 images in just over four hours. This final mosaic uses 141 of those wide-angle images. Images taken using the red, green and blue spectral filters of the wide-angle camera were combined and mosaicked together to create this natural-color view.

And fits right in with your compass collection. The perfect over-branded camera for the sea-faring explorer in your life.

Nikon aimed for “authenticity” with this camera’s brand and marketing, but over shot and hit SkyMall. Only licensed replicas of Harry Potter’s wand should be staged like this in their marketing imagery.

"A new camera from Ricoh allows users to take spherical shots with one snap." The photos are then synced to an iOS app. Ars Technica has the write up.

Very happy that this concept camera is being made available. The rapidly declining camera market is spurring bold moves and smartphone companions, like the QX line from Sony and this entry from Ricoh. It’s an exciting market to watch.

"Flickr just took over my iPhone camera." 

Yahoo! wastes no time putting the GhostBird team to work. I’m going to download Flickr right now.

Canon has released the Vixia Mini, a compact HD camcorder with WiFi designed for everyday, spur of the moment documenting. It even features a pop out legs and a rotating fold-out screen for self shooting.

Canon and co’s strategy of producing smartphone accessories is, well, interesting. The above Vixia and PowerShot N both make the same pitch of ‘real camera quality’ to supplement your smartphone. Problem is, anyone who’s actively seeking out quality beyond what a smartphone offers is likely to pick up a DSLR or compact system camera, not a slightly better dongle.

I much prefer Ricoh’s thoughts, delivering quality but making the hook of their product something completely new, like this 360 degree concept camera. (Via Gizmodo)

"Autographer is an intelligent automatic camera that can capture thousands of photographs a day through a custom wide-angle lens, enabling users to enjoy experiences without having to pause for photos. Autographer chooses the perfect time to take a picture, using its five on-board sensors to detect changes in light, motion, direction, colour and temperature." (Via Digital Photography Review)

Jakob Wagner photographed the nearly quarter-mile long Emma Mærsk in 2010.


Something I created the other day: The Photography Industry Landscape

Taylor structures the entropy of the photo industry much better than myself.

How many of these boxes will roll up into the camera?

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