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The trouble with tradition, they’d found, is that it can be remarkably thickheaded. Ignore it, and your shiny new stove may get turned into a flowerpot. Cater to it, and you may end up with a new version of the same old problem.
But let’s not dwell on the sentimentality of Cameron’s notion of aboriginal life—the movie is striking enough to make it irrelevant. Nor is there much point in lingering over the irony that this anti-technology message is delivered by an example of advanced technology that cost nearly two hundred and fifty million dollars to produce; or that this anti-imperialist spectacle will invade every available theatre in the world. Relish, instead, the pterodactyls, or the flying velociraptors, or whatever they are—large beaky beasts, green with yellow reptile patches—and the bright-red flying monster with jaws that could snap an oak.

David Denby perfectly describes my feelings about Avatar: it’s a pretty bad movie. Pun intended.

(Via The New Yorker)

Unlike the rest of my New Yorker reading, San Francisco living, food obsessed brethren I’ve never really been a fan of Chris Ware. His work strikes me as painfully bleak. Almost to the point of parody.

But this is gorgeous and amazing. (Via The New Yorker)