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OS4’s behavior might be best characterized as latertasking. Rather than putting apps away entirely, they remain close by but inactive, like a dogeared book on the desk rather than a closed book on the shelf.

Ian Bogost suggests a new term.

Trying to pin language to new devices and usage is like nailing Jello to a wall. Usage may vary, and there’re are a lot of tricks an engineer may grasp that are functionally invisible to the user.

Plus, the term ‘multitasking’ is a bit odd for a mobile device. Given the screen size, true multitasking is guaranteed to not occur 99% of the time for 99% of users, under the best of conditions.

Despite this, people want multitasking. At least they want the word, whether or not they want the function is another matter entirely. In the last 2 years, I’ve surveyed and focus-grouped prospective smartphone buyers in several cities. Multitasking was overwhelmingly desired, but when people were pressed to describe why the wanted multitasking or what they would use it for they couldn’t elaborate.

The only answer I ever received was background audio, a fine feature indeed (one I’m thrilled to have in the updated MLB app) but hardly full-fledged multitasking. 

What else are we holding wrong????

Apple iPhone OS 4 Reveal on April 8 

My predictions?

  • General cleanup. The iPad has a few hangs here and there and could benefit from a tighter OS. Expect a big focus here.
  • Big advertising news: look for Apple to become a vendor and integrate the offering with the SDK. IE: watch this ad and unlock this video/item/content.
  • No multitasking. The apps aren’t ready for it and the memory is too small to handle switching. Wait a year.
  • BUT I bet something big will occur with Flash. But it’ll be a compromise. Apple launching with no Flash was a political move in many ways, one that might force Adobe to let Apple have more control in deploying it to the device. It could be integrated in Quicktime, the SDK or another garden of sorts. It won’t run wild in Safari though, count on that.
  • Google maps will stay in. Bing will be a search option, but not the default.
  • Better document support for the iPad. Right now the way you move documents to the device is clunky (through iTunes, in the sync panel) and not in line with the user expectation (which the iPad is all about). Expect email or Mobile Me to pass documents to iWork or other apps.
  • Better Mobile Me update/integration. The two Mobile Me iPhone apps were curiously absent from the iPad update storm. Expect them on the 8th, and more robust.
  • Original iPhones will be left out of this update.

Update: As I think about it, Flash integration (however small) will be a huge stick in the spokes of every other would be tablet competitor. Apple has remained strong on the anti-Flash kick for the last several months, giving all competitors the opening to build their marketing plans on. If Apple adds in Flash they not only unlock a big chunk of the consumer hold outs, but they also catch everyone else with their pants down.

    Wow. There’s your upcoming market. (Via Gizmodo)

    Ibis Reader 

    Ibis Reader doesn’t whine about cross-platform coding or app store regulations. They just build amazingly full-featured web apps.

    Their web app (with a polished iPhone interface and local database) is indistinguishable from a native implementation. Devs take note.

    Nexus One Week 1 sales.

    OK, this is rad. (Via iDISCOVER KEYBOARD)

    Wow. (Via iTYPE)

    Filing taxes via iPhone. We live in the future. (If you live in California…) (Via TechCrunch)


    Augmented reality iPhone app from Ikea

    Place the white square down where you want to see the piece of furniture, then hold your iPhone up to see how it looks there.

    What about the augmented reality Edward Norton?

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