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Quick Sunday experiment: using an iBeacon to protect application data. If the beacon is more than 4 feet away the app locks up.

Here’s the code if you’re curious. You can pick up a beacon at Red Bear.

Objective-C: Decaying Time Interval 

In iOS 7 apps, color and animation provide the user with cues to an app’s function and data organization. An animation situates the user within the interface context, acting as a clue to the app’s inner workings.

But apps don’t usually evolve with their users. Animations move at the same speed during the first day of use as they do six months later. The user’s knowledge of the app has significantly improved. But the app gives the same day-one cues, like a heavy handed teacher ignorant of a student’s progress.

Maybe animations should speed up over time.

Here’s a quick function which allows you to specify an initial animation duration and an eventual duration. Over the decay period (14 days, in this snippet – adjust as needed) the animation duration quickens to its eventual speed.

Pass this to your animation calls and let your apps keep pace with their users1.

  1. This Gist is a late night sketch, so use with a grain of salt. Using the date since initial launch is a hack; perhaps a launch counter would be more apt. Also, you shouldn’t be hitting the disk every call. A time factor should be loaded in memory on launch.

Introducing Reporter, an app which helps you track your life so that you might understand it better.

Nicholas Felton and I have been working on various iterations of this app since 2011, testing and tweaking it to capture the most data with the least amount of hassle and present it in the most insightful way.

Click through and sign up if you’d like to be notified when Reporter is available.

Stay tuned for more details.

The new version of Tweetings uses a lifts Tweetbots’ switch control to toggle between mobilizer and full web. Interesting.

Update: Chartier informs me that not only is Tweetings a rip off of the unfortunately named but wonderfully designed Helvititweet, but this particular feature is ripped off note for note from Tweetbot. Go buy Tweetbot if you haven’t already. While unaware of its mobilizer, I already thought it was the top iOS Twitter app.

Ah, App Store politics.

App developers: the Economist is giving out free lessons on handling upgrade issues with class. This wasn’t an alert or notification. It was part of the newest issue, listed in the table of contents as “From the publisher: iOS5.” (Though I’m a little disappointed they didn’t address me as “Sir:" and scan in Oscar’s signature at retina resolution.)