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Drones now have a posse: your elected officials.

Introducing the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, a bipartisan group “dedicated to promoting greater purchase and use of aerial drones.” They, for all, welcome our robot overlords.

Two thoughts regarding the chairmen’s message pictured above:

  1. There was a lot of PR polishing that went into the still-creepy line, “continue to grow, and improve our lives as public acceptance progresses.” (And they still missed that extraneous comma)
  2. It’s amazing how blatantly these Congressmen are calling dibs on lobbying funds. How many caucuses are created for nascent sectors each year? How many of them last more than 5 years?

(Via James Fallows, The Atlantic)

Virtual States

Over the last decade, tech journalists leaned heavily on certain device: comparing virtual communities to ‘brick & mortar’ states. For example:

  • "If Second Life were a physical country, it would be larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, and many Caribbean islands." (Link)
  • "With more than 400 million active users worldwide and rising fast, Facebook would be the third most populated country behind leaders China (1.33 billion) and India (1.17 billion)." (Link)

This device was once seated firmly in the land of metaphors. But this week, a trend is taking shape wherein virtual communities are acting increasingly like nation states. To wit:

While not really in the same category, Apple is meeting with the US military to discuss future combat.

Odd, no? What would a sovereign network look like?