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Ibis Reader 

Ibis Reader doesn’t whine about cross-platform coding or app store regulations. They just build amazingly full-featured web apps.

Their web app (with a polished iPhone interface and local database) is indistinguishable from a native implementation. Devs take note.

On the other hand, Plastic Logic’s Que will be loved by all the frequent fliers with expense accounts. (Via CrunchGear)

Oh, Alex. Only the nerds will love you. (Via eBookNewser)

Data Mining with Rs 

The main goal of this book is to introduce the reader to the use of R as a tool for performing data mining. R is a freely downloadable language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Its capabilities and the large set of available packages turn this tool into an excellent alternative to the existing (and expensive!) data mining tools.

A great free eBook on R. I’ll be perusing this my next flight…