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Avatar is a fantasy about ceasing to be white, giving up the old human meatsack to join the blue people, but never losing white privilege. Jake never really knows what it’s like to be a Na’vi because he always has the option to switch back into human mode. Interestingly, Wikus in District 9 learns a very different lesson. He’s becoming alien and he can’t go back. He has no other choice but to live in the slums and eat catfood. And guess what? He really hates it.

Annaless Newitz.

After a few days thinking on Avatar, I’ve arrived at the belief that the film will be largely forgotten. Kind of like Titanic.

When the key feature of your film is its technology, the product is waiting to become obsolete. The story of Avatar is nothing new. In fact, it takes pastiche to a whole new level, constructed out of elements from greater Cameron works. Once Avatar’s technology is ubiquitous, it will only be notable as a ‘first.’ Noted, but not watched.

District 9, for all it’s faults, had something to say. Avatar had something to prove. (Via io9)