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The effects of broadband, perfectly visualized by SplatF

The Evolution of Crayola Crayon Colors (Via Weather Sealed)

Ouch. (Via Washington Post via Montclair SocioBlog)

This monumentally ugly chart is hugely useful.

From the UCSC study on how much content is consumed.

Total mobile subscribers by carrier. Based on Q3 finance reports. (Data via GigaOm)

Reason #209,495 one should take third party web analytics with a grain of salt: Comscore just improved their tracker to better capture surfing from at-work computers. Now, LinkedIn is measured a tad more accurately. (Via TechCrunch)

Facebook’s data team created a “Gross National Happiness” metric. Neat stuff. Check out that dip on January 22nd, the day Heath Ledger died.

Mobile application usage and retention by category. (Via GigaOm)