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Kim Jong-il's Sushi Chef Used Iron Chef to Escape North Korea 

From GQ’s profile on Kenji Fujimoto, sushi chef to Kim Jong-il:

Freed from house arrest, Fujimoto returned to his role as cook and nanny. He spent the next year re-ingratiating himself with Kim Jong-il before setting his plan in motion. In March 2001, Fujimoto casually mentioned to Kim Jong-il that he had a new Iron Chef video, an episode Kim had never seen. When they watched it together, Kim discovered the episode’s “mystery ingredient” was one he’d never tasted before: sea-urchin roe, or uni. When Kim asked about uni, Fujimoto described it as the most exquisite delicacy in the world, one whose creamy texture was both oceany and sweet. It could only come from Rishiri Island, off Hokkaido, and only an experienced sushi chef could discriminate good uni from bad.

Though Kim had banned Fujimoto from travel after his Tokyo arrest, the idea of a new delicacy proved too much. Just this once, Shogun-sama said, then made Fujimoto utter a personal promise to return. That’s all it took. Shogun-sama told him to fly right away.

(Via GQ)

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