I'm Drew Breunig and I obsess about technology, media, language, and culture. I live in New York, studied anthropology, and work at PlaceIQ.

An Archive of Quotes 

A few months ago, prior to joining my current gig, I was cobbling together a new way to look at news. Essentially, I built an RSS reader that didn’t display headlines or body copy. The server would crawl each new article and find the quotes cited by the journalist. It would polish these up and score them, based on their significance, and serve them to a client iOS app on request.

Quietly this server ran for the last 3 months or so, with a half baked raking method and an imperfect quote puller. But the quotes it served to the demo client were usually interesting.

This weekend I spent sometime wrapping up or winding down some side projects I’m unable to pursue, this being one of them. I’ll post the source code later for the app, but for now I’m posting the archived data in both TSV and JSON formats for any data wonks interested. There are over 15k quotes from over 19k articles from 19 publishers. Ping me with any questions or projects you build.

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