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If you look at what we’re rooted in, it’s kind of obvious what we’re looking for….The most challenging problem we have right now is discovery of video, that’s the most challenging problem on the web. Social is one enabler, tagging is one enabler. It’s not like we need to solve social for YouTube, we need to solve discovery on YouTube and social is a natural enabler

David Lawee, Google VP of corporate development and M&A chief, interviewed by Business Insider.

One large problem the web has yet to crack is the sorting, valuation, and distribution of culture –– point to point. Parts and pieces have been taken on, but none have done it on a dependable scale. People are messy and fickle, which is hardly ideal for automated systems.

And so I look to you, Tumblr. Anyone can sell ads. No one has developed, or is in a position to develop, a flexible yet predictable (a handful of post types, tags, reblogs…) system for addressing culture at scale. Pinterest, and sites like it, are––at best––socially edited catalogues, arbiters of shopping not culture.

Source: Gizmodo

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