I'm Drew Breunig and I obsess about technology, media, language, and culture. I live in New York, studied anthropology, and work at PlaceIQ.

This is the final stage of a revolution, the democratization of what used to be professional photography, and its hippest, most boring propagandists use Hipstamatic and Instagram. Never before have we so rampantly exercised the ability to capture the way the world really looks and then so gorgeously disfigured it.

The New Inquiry

I’ve grown to somewhat enjoy Instagram after initially dismissing it. However: I cannot understand why journalists, reporters, and others intending to deliver events with accuracy warp their photos with filters. Doing so seems to admit that reportage is an act done with stylistic flair and interpretation, which it is. But to consciously deny your audience a clear image of what occurs is an odd choice.

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    “Why? Because. Because Hipstamatic/Instagram manufacture decay. Because it’s what you get when people with money and...
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    My latest, on Instagram and Hipstamatic: (Some early criticism: “What a horrible pretentious piece of writing. He misses...
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    What a horrible pretentious piece of writing. He misses the point in so many ways, reinforcing a hegemonic ideal by...
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