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Teenage Engineering announced Oplab last week. Create Digital Music writes:

Oplab is an all-new product. It’s marketed as complementing the OP-1, but it’s really a general-purpose board. Imagine an Arduino-like prototyping platform on steroids, with stuff you’d want to use for music applications. And then imagine that, much to the surprise of me and a number of other people with whom I spoke, that they made a bare circuit board look strangely beautiful and finished. This board looks better than a lot of housings. In one box, you combine lots of I/O connections and inputs for sensors.

Those sensors are 3 USB (2 of which are hosts), 3 MIDI (in, out, sync), 2 analog CV ins/outs, 2 CV out, and 2 digital IOs.

This looks great for iOS devs. Have an iOS instrument in mind but lack the chops to build the custom hardware? The Oplab could be a nice first step.

(The shoe with a pocket is a bit goofy, though.)

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