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Picked up the iPhone 6 at the Apple Store today. A few thoughts:

  • At the Apple Store and at the AT&T Store (to get a new sim) I heard five people ask if they could cancel their iPhone 6 Plus orders and change it to a 6 instead. “All day man,” the AT&T clerk mumbled.
  • The iPhone 6 is large enough that apps prefer right-handed use. Left-handed usage tends to favor more crunched up grips and shimmies to hit that frequently used bottom-left corner.
  • Scaled-up apps (apps which have not been optimized for dynamic sizing and therefore don’t support the 6’s screen natively) look terrible. Fonts are too big, the keyboard is upsized (a horrible decision), and thin lines are fuzzy not sharp. We’ll be updating Reporter very shortly. I’d recommend all dev do so as well.
  • Don’t go to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store if you don’t have to.

Avignon youth.


Yesterday in Le Luberon.

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Developers and product people: how often do you use the Today drawer?

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