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Apps popular in SFO’s International Terminal.

William Shatner Freaks Out About "Nobodies" Being Verified on Twitter 

From the comments: “Arguing on Twitter is our Kobyashi Maru.”

Going to launch a new liquor brand whose bottle shape and liquor color make a distinctive photo filter when shot through the bottle.


Amazon's Phone is a Price Gun 

Amazon’s FireFly technology recognizes 100 million objects (read: products). And there’s a dedicated button to activate it on every Amazon Fire Phone:

Using Firefly, a button on the side of the Fire Phone will instruct the camera to recognize a phone number, a book, a DVD, a URL, a QR code, and more. Additionally, Firefly will be able to listen for music (like Shazam) and identify a song that’s playing in the ambient noise around you. Amazon said that iHeartRadio, a popular app developed by Clear Channel, is already integrated with this function and will let you build a playlist based on an artist you hear and like.

Firefly can also identify TV shows down to the episode you’re watching, as well as art pieces (identifying art based on an image was something this writer desperately desired while failing an art history class in high school).

Basically the Fire Phone can identify anything in the physical world which you can purchase at Amazon.

On Yo 

Writing a short story where two people meet at a bar, flirt, and drunkenly exchange Yo names. They then Spend their lives Yo’ing each other, fruitlessly trying to reconnect.

A tale our time deserves

Google sees you as a user, Amazon sees you as a consumer, Microsoft sees you as an employee (though they’re trying to change that).

Apple sees you as a person, but one at leisure who doesn’t want to be using a computer in the first place.

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