To sustain niches other than technology, podcast companies need data

Last Sunday, The New York Times published an article by John Herrman detailing the dance between Apple and podcast companies regarding access to data and promotion. The podcast networks want more audience data from Apple, the ability to more easily charge for podcasts, and a more access to promotion on the front page of the iTunes Store.

Shortly after, Marco Arment, maker of the excellent podcast app Overcast and a podcaster himself, fired back. He criticized Herrman’s reporting but took a larger issue with the podcaster Companies seeking data from Apple. In his podcast, Arment goes into more detail about his issues with data collection, specifically that it would make podcasting more like the web: optimized and monetized within an inch of its life and stripped of its uniqueness.

I don’t want to discuss which view is correct, but I do want to add some context that certainly colors the debate.

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