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"Sweden searches for suspected Russian submarine off Stockholm" 

The Svenska Dagbladet newspaper said it was believed the intruder was a Russian submarine or mini-submarine that may have been damaged. It said the operation was launched on Friday after a visual sighting of a “human-made object” in the waters. The day before, Swedish intelligence operators intercepted a radio conversation in Russian on a frequency usually reserved for emergencies, the paper said.

"Flag-carrying drone ignites brawl at European soccer match" 

Even before the match began, and soon after being scheduled for play, tensions were expected to be so high that Albanian supporters weren’t allowed inside, an effort by UEFA and local authorities to minimize the chances of any type of chaos erupting. And everything was okay until around the 40th minute of play, when a drone showed up at field-level displaying a controversial flag, which was subsequently grabbed and pulled down by Serbian player Stefan Mitrović. Suddenly, what everyone was trying to avoid, had taken place: turmoil. Moments later, as Albanian players tried to protect the flag, players were fighting each other; Serbian supporters invaded the field, with anything but good intentions; the game was eventually abandoned by the referee; and the away team had to be escorted out of the pitch and into the locker rooms.

"Airbnb Listings Mostly Illegal, New York State Contends" 

Writes the NYT. In short, most renters are professionals, offering multiple units, not a ‘sharing economy’ of individuals with spare resources. “6% of hosts made 37% of the revenue.” These are basically hotel companies with none of the oversight and none of the taxes.

"Announcing The Winners Of The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards" 

Reporter won best app at the Fast Company Design awards.

Brendan Koerner found something interesting from China’s history:

Cultural Revolution Mango under Glass Dome with Clear Base

This is perhaps one of the strangest objects to come out of the Cultural Revolution in China. In August 1968 Chairman Mao was presented with Mangos, which he then redistributed to various teams in Beijing. Rather than consume these sacred mangos, they were preserved. And since the actual mangos could not be preserved indefinitely, wax mangos were made and placed under glass as one way to remember this wonderful gift from Chairman Mao…

This is an absolutely original glass cover, glass base, and wax mango. Apparently the wax mangos were sensitive to heat and thus the original wax mangos are rare to find in good condition. As the pictures demonstrate, this wax mango is in very good condition.

Only $800.

The best chart I’ve seen this quarter. (via The Economist)

We have reached a remarkable state of affairs in all three of EMU’s leading economies: France’s Front National swept to victory in the European elections in May with calls for an immediate return of the French franc; Germany’s anti-euro party AfD has suddenly broken into three state parliaments with calls for a return of the Deutsche Mark; and now Cinque Stelle wants a return of the lira in a country that has been reliably and passionately pro-European for sixty years.
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